Do You Belong Here?

Literacy Matters

Ok, in my first blog, I mentioned how I hadn’t bought the rest of a particular book, so I was stuck on analogies. Now, analogies can be useful but they have their drawbacks. Not only that, I think you’ll all agree that we need more than one string to our bow if we’re going to teach effectively. So, I bought the book and it’s time to move on to the “B”.

I’m not intending to go through the book from “A” to “Z”. I mean, just going through a book by starting at the beginning and going through chapter by chapter would just be boring, wouldn’t it?  (I think that’s why I dropped Biology in Year 11… Well, that and the fact that I scored zero on a test! Really…Although I had been sick for the topic and had just arrived back in class, zero seemed pretty harsh!)


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