You May Not Have Time For This But…

Literacy Matters

At thirty, Dan McLaughlin quit his well-paid job to become a professional golfer. He’d been to the driving range a few times, but he’d never played a complete round in his life…

This is a true story and true stories that are repeated tend to fall into two categories: Cautionary tales about thinking before you take a big risk, or Oprah-like tales about how much better you’ll be if you follow your passion. However, it’s hard to put Dan’s story into either category.

Dan decided to put into practice the 10,000 hours theory made famous by Malcolm Gladwell in “Outliers”, which suggests that you need that amount of practice to become an expert in anything. Using his savings, he practised virtually full-time for seven years to build up the hours, and after a mere 5,000 hours he was a 2.6 handicap golfer. (In case you know nothing about golf, that’s…

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